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Clean data, clear direction.
Vision helps you plan for the decarbonised and decentralised grid of the future.

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Major utilities trust Vision to drive their strategic and long-term planning decisions.

Client success

“Vision has been night and day compared to what we were doing previously. The ability to see all the forecasts, source of truth for historical load and DER in a usable way and to easily share across the business is invaluable.”
“It was a pleasure to work with the Vision team on DER forecasting. I was impressed with the quality of the DER spatial forecasts, as well as the team collaborative approach.”
“I was impressed with Vision's expertise in forecasting and their capability to deliver efficiently scenario-based forecasts for Malaysia.”

What utilities need to prepare for today’s energy transition

Key features include econometric scenario-based forecasting, granular spatial forecasting, probabilistic demand trace forecasting, and many more.

Data-driven algorithms leverage proven econometric and machine learning models to harness the power of data.

User-friendly platform empowers users to explore, validate, and disseminate historical and forecast data across the business and beyond.

Powerful & secure architecture ingests data at scale and automates the processing of thousands of assets in no time.

Customisable data ingestion and exports allow integration with existing systems, data repositories and business processes.


Empowering forward-thinking teams

Vision supports many individuals, from executives to teams in regulation, strategy, billing, planning and forecasting.

Vision overview

Built for the future, rooted in the present

Vision has been used across some of the most decentralised utilities globally for more than five years.

  • Deliver forecasts the business needs with confidence

    Robust forecasts are ever-more critical in a power sector in rapid transition.

    Vision automates data processing and empowers forecasters to capture both uncertainty (through scenarios) and risks (through probabilistic trace forecasts) to provide insights the business needs.

    Discover how

Smart grids will lead decentralisation and decarbonisation efforts

Explore how Vision can help you achieve better forecasting and drive strategic and long-term planning.

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