Decades in energy transition, at your service.

Vision is backed by the knowledge and experience of Blunomy, a global energy transition strategy consulting firm.

What we are about

Shaped by purpose

No transition without transmission, no decarbonisation without distribution.

The energy transition is impacting the grid at every level, from large scale renewable connections, to customers making the switch to electric vehicles and installing rooftop solar and home batteries at an ever faster pace.

Vision is the result of years of collaboration with utilities at the forefront of this transition. Vision is a modern data-driven platform, built to support network operators in planning efficiently for the decarbonised and decentralised grid of the future. Over the past five years, Vision has established itself as the leading forecasting and planning platform in Australia.

Vision is part of Blunomy, a global company focused on accelerating the transition to a sustainable future, through strategy advisory services and the development of data & digital solutions.

Meet the team

Our key people

We are a growing team of 10+ power sector experts, data and computer scientists.

  • Daniel Guppy

    Daniel Guppy


    Previously at the Australian Energy Market operator, Daniel uses his solid experience of energy forecasting and planning to drive the development of Vision.

  • Renaud Lainé

    Renaud Lainé


    Renaud leads the team of data and computer scientists making Vision possible.

  • Olivier Lacroix

    Olivier Lacroix


    Olivier has over 10 years of experience leading Blunomy's power sector activities and working with major utilities globally.

  • Isabelle Kocher

    Isabelle Kocher

    CEO of Blunomy, ex CEO of ENGIE

    “Blunomy is about making the transition happen. Networks have a vital role to play in the energy transition, and with Vision, we provide them with a platform to enable a higher penetration of renewables and distributed generation.”

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